Seeking Christ ... through the PCM Window

PCM's stained glass window is a significant symbol of the tradition and heritage of Presbyterian Church of the Master.

At the heart of the PCM window is the cross, the symbol of God's unconditional love and our calling to be devoted followers. It is a Greek cross with four arms of equal length which reach out equally to all parts of the world through mission and equally to every member of our congregation ... including all who come to PCM.

The many colored pieces of glass symbolize the joy and richness of Christian life at PCM. Each of us is a brilliant crystal of life, created by God and radiently colored when the light of our Lord shines through us. We are different; we are the same; we are all children of God ... children of the light. These shards of glass and the holy cross are embraced by a perfect circle; this is a symbol of God's eternal love and has no beginning and no end.

The window was installed in the sanctuary when the sanctuary was completed in 1979. It serves as a focal point for worship and meditation. We hope it will enhance your experience at PCM and bring you closer in your walk with Christ.

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