PCM History: The 1960's

newspaper-article-1960sPresbyterian Church of the Master (PCM) was founded in 1965 under the leadership of organizing pastor Rev. Robert J. Ware. 163 people of faith chose to be charter members. During worship at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 25, 1965 they became a congregation.

Before starting a new church, the Presbytery had to validate the need, seek approval from the Omaha Council of Churches, and secure front-end financial support from Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Following these efforts, the Presbytery purchased the site for PCM in January of 1963 at $2,200 per acre (there were 10 acres in the original parcel). Bob Ware accepted his call over 1 year later on April 15, 1964.

service-of-organization-bulletin-1960sPastor Ware worked diligently to find people who would be interested in forming a new congregation. This often meant going door-to-door in the nearby neighborhoods. In four months, Bob found 75 to 80 families with enough interest that the first worship service of "Presbyterian Church of the Future" was held on Sunday, November 15, 1965. The first worship services were held at Laura Dodge Elementary School at 3520 Maplewood Blvd.

PCM's first worship service at 108th and Maple was held on Easter Sunday, April 26, 1967. The service was held in what is now our Fellowship Hall. As usual for new church construction, not all the work was completed on time. But the bare concrete floors and the walls yet to be painted did not diminish the joy celebrated by the 300 members in worship that day.

Committee meetings and fellowship gatherings during the week were held at the Ware home until the first phase of our building project was dedicated on September 24, 1967. By 1967, PCM's membership had gpcm-building-1964rown from 163 to 273.


There was a "pioneering spirit" and a great deal of closeness shared among the members of PCM during those early days. Maybe the pioneering spirit has diminnished, but the closeness among members still exists at PCM today. It is that closeness and the shared faith in our loving God that no doubt lifted us up and carried us through the tough times throughout the years.

As the 1960's ended, founding Pastor Bob Ware resigned in April of 1969, in order to accept a call to be the pastor of another church outside of the area.  As PCM headed towards the 70's, the search for a new Pastor began.

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