PCM History: The 1990's

pcm-ariel-view-1980sKeith's departure in December of 1989 led to an extended interim period that would last until August of 1992. The interim period took its toll on PCM's membership. But this is typical, especially following the departure of such a tenured and successful pastor. Our rolls declined from 717 to 542, the first sustained drop in membership in our history. Rev. Mike Gillespie was called as interim pastor in June of 1990. His call would last for two years which was the maximum allowed for an Interim Pastor.

We were not ready to install a pastor when Mike Gillespie's term expired. Since Saunda Thomas had resigned and moved to New York in 1991, PCM was without a pastor. When a church is without a pastor, the Presbytery's Committee on Ministry provides temporary pastoral leadership without the formality of installation. This is referred to as "stated supply." Rev. Lorna Kuyk stepped in for six weeks until Rev. Gary Bullard was installed as our third pastor on August 1, 1992.

Gary was to step into the pulpit of a church with a 27-year history and strong commitment to worship, Christian Education and mission. At the time, PCM had 542 members, our lowest count since 1975. PCM's family of faith was as active and engaged as ever, just a little smaller in number.

Under Gary's leadership our decline in membership turned around and we grew to 573 by 1994. Two associate pastors assisted in ministry with Gary: Rev. Deborah Kevern and Rev. Louise Shaw.

In 1998 we finished remodeling the old Chancel area at the north end of the Fellowship Hall for needed meeting and classroom space. The rough-hewn cross on the wall, a focal point during worship in the old days, had to be removed and it was nearly discarded. But this cross survived the fire of 1978. Instead , the cross was spared once again and moved to the east wall of the Communications Center.

Gary left PCM in June of 1998. A relatively short interim period followed. Two successive interim pastors led us: Rev. Don Thursby and Rev. Anni Stedman. To help guide us during this time of seemingly constant change, Rev. Roy Fox served as Interim Associate Pastor.  Rev. John Hansen was installed as our fourth head pastor on October 1, 1999.

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