PCM History: The 2010's

pcm-sanctuary-2010sAs we begin this new decade, we look forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2015.  Continuing the efforts of the previous year, we purchased all new pulpits, communion table and candle holders for our Sanctuary.  We work hard to find new and interesting ways to enliven and decorate our worship space, with new banners and vibrant colors that reflect our love of God and our church.

In 2010 we began a series of Faith Festivals.  These evening worship and fellowship services spanned the length of the year, each month featuring a set of books of the Bible, exploring their content in fun and exciting ways.  We also renovated our kitchen for all the multitude of good meals we provide in our Fellowship Hall.  We also sent another mission group to New Orleans as well as two "Around Town" mission groups who served local organizations, never forgetting that help is always needed in Omaha and across the country.  

At the end of 2010 John Hanson left our church after 11 excellent years as our Head of Staff.  In June of 2011 Rev. Bill Evans joined PCM as our Interim Pastor and Head of Staff to assist PCM in the coming years to improve our ministries and guide us to the next stage in our church history.  Two years later in June of 2013, PCM welcomed its current Head of Staff, Robert Keefer, from Avoca, Iowa.

Each year we find ourselves exploring PCM and what it means for each of us to be a member here.  New programs, new opportunities, new leaders and new skills keep PCM changing on almost a weekly basis.  We strive to be innovative and find new ways to serve God and to enhance our community, both inside and outside of our church walls.

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