Golf League Enters Final 2 Weeks - Lots To Share!

We're down to our final few weeks of golf league and we've got lots to share. So, here goes.

Based on everyone's feedback, we've decided not to extend play which means week 13 will not be replayed. Our final night of league play will be August 31. Please let Brenda or I know if you would like your green fees refunded or donated to the PCM Mission fund.

Since we're not extending a week, this Wednesday (8/24) becomes our final night of the second half. Jim and Mike Forsythe are still holding onto the top spot with a 4 point lead. The question is who will come out on top and play first half winners Dennis Peters and Steve Sherman for the league championship the following week? Interestingly enough, we may be getting a preview this week as the Forsythes are matched up against Peters/Sherman.

But, a couple of teams are lurking within striking distance and we've created a new flag point game that gives the chance to gain some big points. Previously, we played "Beat Your Own Best" where you had to bring your "A" game to score points. This week you've only got to bring your "B" game as we play "Beat Your Average." We've calculated everyone's season long average per hole and total score. These have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Beat your average score and you get a point. For a preview, click on attached league sheet and refer to page 2.

Finally, we're shaking up "Fun Night" with a completely new twist. Instead of the mixed formats (i.e. Scotch, Best Ball, Scramble) we played in past years, we're playing a 9-hole scramble. Furthermore, we're pairing up teams to play as a 4-person team. You and your partner will join with another team to compete against the rest of the league. That means seven teams will be competing to be "PCM Scramble Champions!"

How do we arrive at seven teams you ask? The league has sixteen total teams. Two of these teams will be playing-off for the championship. That means fourteen 2-person teams remain. The fourteen teams will be matched up based on their season-long point ranking. The top ranked team will be partnered with the lowest ranked and so on (i.e. 1 & 14, 2 & 13, 3 & 12, etc.).

That's enough for now. Attached is the league sheet for this week. See you on the course.

Bill & Brenda

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Pastor Bob's Building Blog - August 23, 2016
Week 13 Washes Out, Golf League Heads To Week 14

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