Ready For Week #7 Of The PCM Golf League

It was a hot night for golf last week, but that didn't stop a few people from posting some good scores. We had our lowest net team score of the season so far from Dave Emry and Ed Rhue at 50, plus some nice rounds by others. Cliff Buckingham was "Mister Steady" with 9 2-putts to win the flag.

Oh boy, the race at the top is tight as we head into the final week of the half. All points counts.

Speaking of flag points, this week is BYOB night. BYOB stands for Beat Your Own Best. Earn a flag point for every personal best you shoot either for a single hole or your best overall total score. As an example, if your previous best score on hole #6 was a 5 and you shoot a 4, you win a point. If you best score previously had been a 40 and you shoot a 39, you win a point. Everyone has the potential for 10 total points.

Attached is this week league sheet which also includes the BYOB information. On the BYOB sheet, you will find everyone's best score per hole and best round score.

Let's hope the heat breaks this week. See you Wednesday!

Bill & Brenda

File Name: Week-7--BYOB.pdf
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Monday, 21 October 2019

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