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40 Day Journey in Lent - April 9

April 9—Genesis 26:31—Sandi Hanna

In the morning they rose early and exchanged oaths; and Isaac set them on their way and they departed from him in peace”.

Isaac, the son of Abraham to whom God had promised as many descendents as there were stars in the sky, was also blessed by God.  He first prospered in the land called Gerar, later in Gerar Valley, and then in Beersheba.  He had a beautiful wife, Rebecca (check verses 6-10 earlier in Chapter 26!).  The king of the Philistines, Abimeleck, first asked Isaac to stay, but later urged Isaac to make the moves mentioned-- especially after his shepherds and soldiers had become jealous of Isaac's wealth and had done damage to his wells.  Finally, King Abimeleck came to Beersheba  to acknowledge that  he knew that the LORD had been with Isaac and had blessed him.  Abimeleck  asked for a solemn peaceful agreement between them.  Isaac prepared a feast for all.  Next, Isaac and Abimeleck made promises to each
other and sealed them with a vow.  They departed peacefully as friends.

Jealousy over anything--wealth, power, talents, or even good looks, is not something
experienced just by kings, shepherds, and soldiers in Bible history. It is part of the human condition.

Just this Winter Olympics' season I found myself saying, " How can the wonderful Olympic women skiers and skaters also be so beautiful! That's NOT fair." Once the words were out of my mouth, I had a flashback to a moment in college when I thought, " How can that
beautiful senior classmate of mine have a great job as a model for
Vogue magazine,
already be designing a line of clothes, and still be an honor student!  That's NOT fair."

Who was I blaming, even in jest, for it not being fair?  God?   While in neither of these cases did I need to go to the actual persons and confess this jealousy; yet I somehow must learn how to make peace with such feelings inside myself.  I must promise to let them go and ask God for forgiveness for not appreciating fully and fully using the money, power, talents, and looks that I have been blessed with by the Creator. Then, I can make a  vow to serve God with the gifts given to me, keep that promise,  and know Christ's peace that passes all understanding.  

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