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40 Day Journey in Lent - March 25

March 25—Joshua 10:21—Jim Kurtz

“All the people returned safe to Joshua in the camp of Makkedah, no one dared speak against any of the Israelites.”

Shalom. That peace that comes when you know you have done God’s will and things are all good. This scripture is one of those times. Israel has promised to protect a friendly tribe. When the tribe calls for help they honor their commitment and God delivers all the enemy into Joshua’s hand.

It is not often we can know God’s will as well as then. Seldom do we actually hear a voice that clearly. We have many choices to make that all can fall into the will of God. How can we know when we are doing that perfect will. We then must pray for enlightenment and do the best we can, with that done we trust in the Lord to make it right. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will turn out as we hope, but that in the end God will work it for the best end. If we ourselves are affected, we may have to make adjustments to get to Shalom. If our prayer is for others they may have to do the same. Those adjustments may be painful for a time but trust in the Lord patiently.

My personal commitment during those times is to remember the good times and be grateful. God has kept me close this far and will bring things to Shalom again. That’s faith with promise. Shalom.

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