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40 Day Journey in Lent - March 26

March 26—1 Samuel 20:13—Doug SwartzBrown

“But if he is angry and wants you killed, may the LORD strike me and even kill me if I don't warn you so you can escape and live. May the LORD be with you as he used to be with my father.” (NLT)

Shalom - Not just peace; but completeness, wholeness, well being and harmony. In a Lenten search for wholeness and peace, we encounter violence and discord in the world and in our own lives. Jonathon is torn between his best friend David and his father, the king. At this moment completeness and harmony must seem impossible to him. How do we find peace? How does Jonathon?

Jonathon doesn’t hide from his troubles, he dives in deeper, adding personal risk and exposing himself to danger. He doesn’t seek it, but he doesn’t manage to avoid violence, either. For his troubles, he gets a spear thrown at him - by his father. I think he finds completeness and wholeness with God and with himself, but certainly not peace using any simple definition.

Shalom is not always easy.

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