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BELL CHOIR DIRECTOR:  For the past two years, Ann Frame has been the director of our adult bell choir, the PCM Bells. For those who have not had the pleasure of being in her presence when she's teaching, you should know that she brings energy, vitality, musicality, and spirituality to every session!There is alway slaughter amidst the wonderful sounds of bells, and folks leave that rehearsal room with smiles. We have so appreciated Ann's talents as a director, and her grace and kindness as a friend. She is "retiring" at the moment since she finds herself over-scheduled with duties as an orchestra strings teacher in OPS and a director for Omaha Area Youth Orchestra. You will still see her involved with music at PCM, no doubt. We all say THANK YOU, ANN for everything you have done with us and for us in the music department of PCM.

And then we are fortunate that Kristen Oertell, who was the bell choir director at Benson Presbyterian,is able to step in to direct the PCM Bell choir. They have started rehearsals on Wednesdays (6:15-7:15) and will be playing for services very soon.Kristen brings years of experience ringing and directing as well. This congregation can look forward to wonderful bell music thanks to our new director, and the dedicated ringers of PCM.  WELCOME, KRISTEN!


Pastor Bob


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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

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