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Wow! It is now really going to happen! I've refrained from writing anything until I had something more definite to tell you; now put on your seat belt and look down this road with me.

First note: we closed on our loan from Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program on January 13 (See! Friday the thirteenth can be a very good day) which put in place the money we need to start construction. Incidentally, if you personally are looking for a place to invest some money which will provide a small, but reliable, yield, and will also do some good, you might consider investing with PILP. You can think of it as the Presbyterian Church's own savings and loan.

Okay, to the journey. Lund Ross has proposed and your Project Management Team has accepted a five-phase plan for this year's construction work. You can look at a plot of the phasing on the library window, and I will detail it here. Work will begin the week of February 13 and you should see a construction trailer and other signs of progress that week. Oh, and to answer a question: No, they are not going to go all around the building and do windows first. Instead, all work in a particular section will be done at once. Read on!

PHASE 1: The North End - From February 13 to April 7, there will be a temporary wall across the middle of the Commons. Spaces in the construction area will be largely or completely unavailable for use. The work will include:

Converting the Bride's and Groom's rooms into our new child-care area, creating the new children's outdoor play area

New windows (where relevant), carpet, and paint in those spaces, the Choir Room, the Ware Room and the Forum Room

New men's and women's restrooms and remodeled family rest room

New tile in the office rest room (other work in the offices is later)

Furnaces and air conditioners

During this period, we will continue to have full access to the Sanctuary from the front of the building. You will not want to park in the East lot (behind the building) for Sanctuary access. The plan is for this work to be completed by Palm Sunday, so that all these spaces will be available to us for Holy Week and Easter.

PHASE 2: The Center - The first week of April, weather permitting, demolition of the old courtyard and bell tower should begin and footings laid for the addition. Work on the addition is planned for April 1 to September 1, during which time the new Bell Tower will be built and necessary sanitary work will be done. That is, storm sewer drainage for the parking lot and connection to the city sewer. While the sewer connection is being done, access to the South and East parking lots will be limited. When we have more specific dates for that work, we'll let you know. It won't be on Easter!

After Easter and through the month of June, the Fish Bowl, Youth Room, Fellowship Hall, old nursery, and Fellowship Hall restrooms will be remodeled. Lots of programs and lots of stuff will have to be temporarily relocated – and some, no doubt, permanently relocated. These spaces are getting new windows, the two youth rooms are being opened into one larger room, and everything will have new floor covers and paint.  (Pastor Bob's Building Blog - January 27, 2017)

(Phase 3 – 5 to follow in upcoming VOICE or look on


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Thursday, 14 November 2019

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