Mission Moments

Mission Moments

Habitat for Humanity-Omahais the PCM Mission Partner for June.  PCM will be participating in building a house again this year as part of the Carpenters Crew Faith Coalition.  Our house location this year is at 4116 N. 21st St. in Omaha.   We also know the family who will be buying our house.  They are Nay Shaw and Sha Wah. They have four daughters and are excited to become homeowners. 

They are a Karen refugee family from
(see photo). 

This year’s build will start on August 15th.  The Carpenters Crew is going to organize this year’s build a little differently.  We are going to work mostly on Saturdays with a few Friday work days in the early build season.  During June at PCM, look for various opportunities to help with the build.  We will be asking for donations towards PCM’s financial pledge for the house.  We will be signing up workers to help on the various build days during the fall.  We will be recruiting food providers to help
provide breakfast and lunch for the work crews on one or two of the build days.  And finally,
we are asking for your continued prayers for the work crews, the new homeowners, and
the Habitat organization.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Siena/Francis Houseis PCM’s Hunger Ministry Partner for June.  They provide food, shelter and other services for the homeless in Omaha. Please give generously to the Hunger Ministry any time during June.  Thanks for your ongoing support of the Hunger Ministry program.

Coming soonto a Presbyterian church near you—the Garden MartI have it on good authority that by the time this issue reaches you, the Garden Mart should be available with early produce items like lettuce, spinach, radishes and berries.  For those of you who are new to our church, the Garden Mart can be found during the growing season outside of the Communication Center.  You’ll find a variety of produce, all grown in the gardens on our church grounds, or the home gardens of our members.  Sometimes, you’ll find other
surprises (perhaps someone has divided flowers and has an excess.)  This bounty is
available to you for whatever donation you wish to make. 
The proceeds are donated to local hunger relief.  Other ways you can help the success of the Garden Mart:  paper and plastic sacks are always needed to carry away the items.  If you have extras, please donate them.  Helpers are needed to run the mart, let Susie Hollman know if you can assist. Finally, if you would like to help in the garden, there is always a need for watering plots for gardeners who are on vacation.  I’m counting down to when the tomatoes are ripe!

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

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