“I Plan to Pledge, So the Church Can Plan”

On October 26 the Stewardship Committee hosted a Town Hall meeting.  After sharing how your giving supports PCM, why it is important and how it impacts what we are able to do, the meeting was open for questions. 

What a great discussion we had. One member stated “I Plan to Pledge, So the Church Can Plan,” that says it perfectly! It really does sum up the why pledges are so important. …It may even become a campaign theme some year. 

Topics and comments fell into three broad categories:

Talk about the need to tithe /give to PCM

What does it cost to run PCM?  What are our “operating costs”?

Condition of building / building campaign

Some details about each:

Talk about the Need to Give Money

Don’t be afraid to talk about tithing, talk about being biblical about giving

Per capita: encourage members to pay their per capita and if possible “round up” the amount to help pay for others

How to get the word out regarding the budget, getting more pledges. Pledges equal the church’s income.  Imagine trying to create your home budget without knowing your

Operations Cost –What does it Cost to Run PCM?

Tell us what it costs to operate PCM

Here is one quick fact: The monthly electric bill is about $1,768.00

Break down the costs.  This helps people to better identify with it; X dollars per week is far easier to digest “annual budget number.”

Publish budget updates. Share if collections are behind, emphasize the need for pledges to be paid. (It is how we pay the church’s bills!)

Break down the costs (i.e. $442.00 per week pays one electric bill)

Condition of building / building Campaign

The building is showing its age and needs attention.

Top priorities, need to balance ‘cosmetic’ changes and infrastructure needs.

While the focus of the meeting was the Giving campaign, we did briefly discuss that we are meeting with an architect, assessing PCM’s needs and will be launching a building campaign in 2015.  People were reminded that regular giving will still be critical, this is how we pay for the day-to-day operations of the church.

Thank you for supporting our church home.

Deacons Congregational Care

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

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