It is an exciting time to be at PCM!  This year we celebrate PCM’s 50th Anniversary, dream about the next 50 years, make decisions about the building and continue with all the regular happenings at church.  

One of the ‘regular happenings’ is routine giving to PCM.  Yup, not too exciting, but critical to the running of the church, paying salaries, bills, etc.

During the annual giving campaign, people pledge their support to PCM.  Payment toward your pledge amount, or if you did not complete a card, giving money to PCM is how we pay our bills, staff, etc.  Remember, the generous donor that is matching pledge increases up to $200 per member?  The ‘match,’ is only paid when members give; it is not automatically paid on what was pledged. 

If you turned in a giving card for 2015, THANK YOU! If you did not turn in a card, it is never too late! The office can get you a card.

Not sure where you are on your pledge?  First quarter giving statements will be printed in April and available on the table by the sanctuary; these show giving to date and the amount pledged for the year.

Thank you for your generous support of PCM!                                                          -Betty Johnson


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Monday, 12 November 2018

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