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Listed below are the frequently asked questions that were published in the church bulletins earlier in the month. If you have any additional questions about the capital campaign please contact Presbyterian Church of the Master's office.

Why are we conducting a capital campaign?

Over the past 50 years our congregants have been able to enjoy the Gospel and grow as members of God's community.Today we are blessed as an active and loving faith family.To remain on this path and provide for our people, it is time to improve and update our structure. The planning study conducted in February revealed an overwhelming need and desire for significant improvements to our facilities. To accomplish this goal, it was decided to embark on a three-year capital campaign to raise the necessary funds to ensure renovations begin in a timely manner.

Who will be asked to support this effort?

Every registered member of Presbyterian Church of the Master will be asked to contribute according to their means.The church will also submit grant requests to foundations.

When does the campaign start and how can I help?

We are currently in the preparation phase which means we are recruiting leaders, volunteers and producing our communication materials. The campaign officially kicks-off in late April with a celebration after service to mark the start of the active solicitation phase. During the active phase, every registered household will receive details regarding our capital campaign, including instructions on how to contribute. At this time, all we ask for is your prayers and willingness to be a part of this great opportunity.

Can I volunteer in support of the effort?

Certainly!We are in the process of looking for volunteers who are willing and able to meet with fellow congregants to follow-up with gift requests.We also ask that all congregants pray weekly for the success of the campaign.There will be additional volunteer opportunities throughout the campaign.If you would like to assist with the campaign please contact the church office.

Why did we hire a consultant to help us with the campaign?

The decision to hire a consultant to help us with a capital campaign was made because our staff cannot dedicate the time needed to coordinate and manage a campaign.We hired the Steier Group, a company based in Omaha, which specializes in working with churches across the country, because their model for successful fundraising is hands-on project management.It is that type of commitment which is needed to position Presbyterian Church of the Master for success.

When will we finalize our campaign goals and projects?

The planning study identified those projects deemed most important. Members of the project management team are reviewing that information and working with campaign leadership to finalize the goals. Within the next few days, we hope to complete this process and share the information with you in the coming weeks.

When is the Second Fifty Capital Campaign kickoff?

Presbyterian Church of the Master is pleased to announce the Second Fifty Capital Campaign will kick off on Sunday April 24.We encourage all members, and welcome visitors, to join us following the 10:30 a.m. service in the fellowship hall to celebrate this important moment in our church's history as we begin to lay the foundation for the second fifty years of Presbyterian Church of the Master.

What was the process used in identifying the projects to be funded in the capital campaign?

Presbyterian Church of the Master took several steps over the past year to assess the needs of the church. After much study, the building task force identified several projects which we must address to ensure the longevity of the building.The church then hired the Steier Group to conduct a planning study seeking your input to learn which projects you deem most important. The majority of those tested were highly prioritized and we will tackle those projects. The lower prioritized items will not be addressed at this time.

When will the projects begin? How long will it take to complete?

The project management team has been working closely with Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture to design many aspects of the renovations. A ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for fall of 2016 using the same shovel that has been used throughout the history of the church.We expect renovations to conclude by spring of 2017!

At one point there was discussion about building an entirely new church, why did we decide to renovate the church instead?

Presbyterian Church of the Master has numerous renovation needs and during this past year the building task force took time to evaluate the best approach for tending to those needs.Like any renovation project, it is important to evaluate options and costs prior to embarking on a major endeavor. One option discussed was building a new church and tearing the old one down.However, after further investigation, that was determined to be cost prohibitive.So it was decided to pursue renovations instead.

What will the impact of the renovation have on future cost savings for the church?

Several of the projects will increase cost savings.At this time, the church cannot quantify the exact dollars, but the building is currently running on outdated furnaces and air conditioners which consume a lot of energy.The new furnaces and air conditioners will be more efficient leading to greater cost savings.Additionally, new siding, windows and connecting to the city sewer's system will improve efficiency.We expect to see savings in the energy bills immediately following the completion of the renovations.

What is our plan to finance and pay for the proposed building projects?

Renovation projects are expected to begin in the fall of 2016.In order for construction to begin immediately, the church will secure a loan through Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program, Inc.They offer low interest loan designed for capital improvements.The Second Fifty Capital Campaign has established financial goals designed to ensure the least amount of debt as possible.

Is the building fund the same as the capital campaign fund?

The building fund and the Second Fifty Capital Campaign fund are separate funds and will continue to remain as such.The building fund is designed to tend to the regular maintenance and upkeep of the building.After the renovations are complete it will be important for the church to maintain the facilities on a regular basis.So we must continue to contribute to the building fund.The Second Fifty Capital Campaign fund will be designated solely for the renovations associated with the capital campaign.

Pastor Bob's Building Blog: April 27, 2016
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