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Things to Try During Your First Visit to PCM

Going to a church for the first time can be a scary and nervous experience.  It's true!  Imagine walking into a place full of people who have known each other for years or even decades, and then picture their reaction to the stranger in their midst.  I could go on and on about how nothing bad will happen to you when you visit PCM for the first time (of course it won't), but maybe it'd be better and a little more fun instead if I gave you a list of some things you could look for or try out during your visit.  You'll get to know us a little better, maybe find a new way to experience the love of God, or just have a little laugh (maybe even at our expense!).  Enjoy!

  1. Try a cookie. Before and after each service we offer free cookies and coffee with our fellowship.  Give one a shot and see if you like it.  We know it can make or break any church experience.  If you're visiting the day of a PW Bake Sale, you've hit the jackpot.
  2. Venture outside to the north side of the building and take a look at the PCM Garden.  There's a large group of our congregation who have been caring and growing that garden for years.  It's as big and as great as it is today becaues of their hard work. Everything grown in the garden is sold or donated, and all proceeds go to charity too.
  3. Check out the cross-stiched lists of all the PCM kids going back to the 1970's. We love our kids at PCM.  Many of them have moved on in their lives, but we remember them each time we pass by.  Maybe you'll see a name you know.  Of course, I was born a few years before they did the first one, so I missed out.  Grr.
  4. Take a closer look at the PCM window.  Who doesn't love stained glass windows?  The PCM window is the centerpiece of our sanctuary and our community.  It is really something to behold up close.  What do you see?  What do you think?  What do you feel as you look at it?
  5. See if you can get an usher to laugh. We love our ushers too, but they work really hard each Sunday.  I think they'd just love to have someone they don't know come along, make them feel welcome and to make them laugh.  Hugs are optional.
  6. Think about which type of music you enjoyed the most.  You'll have lots to choose from each week.  Was it the organ? The hymns?  The handbells?  The kids' choir?  What did you enjoy about it?
  7. Count how many people are wearing "casual" clothes.  We don't mind the football jersey or shorts.  We're just glad you're here.
  8. Play on the playground out back.  Come on, you know you want to.
  9. Take a look at the view looking west.  PCM sits on top of that hill and has one of the best westward views in town.  Imagine the sun setting or seeing Christmas lights on the homes as the city stretches out toward the horizon.  There's a reason why the cops like to park up here and relax.  It's a safe, quiet spot with a great view. Enjoy it!
  10. Play in the pit.  At the south end of the building is our Sunday School area, complete with the seating area we call "the Pit" where the kids meet and sing before their classes.  It's fun to hop down, on, around those steps.
  11. Curl up with a book in the Children's Library. PCM has a room at the south end of the building (you can swing in there after playing in the Pit) that is dedicated to our kids as a place to read, relax and explore their faith. You can decide whether you want to sit on a chair, bean bag or in the boat. Yes, you read that right ... there's a boat in there!

PCM is more than just a building and rooms. It is the culmination of the people who have visited us and stayed with us to make the memories we relive each time we venture through the building on Sundays or Wednesdays or when we come back after college. We delight in sharing even a small portion of those experiences with you during your visit, and we hope you'll come back to learn more about us and walk in faith with us and God.

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