Subject: Prayers For Dorothy Norton
What is your prayer request?: It is with heavy hearts that my sister Laurie and I share sad news about our mother Dorothy Norton. For 91 years she has enjoyed a rich life full of family and friends. Unfortunately Mom has been battling kidney disease and her condition has now taken a serious turn. After much thought and prayerful consideration, she has elected not to pursue dialysis treatment due to her age and the arduous demands the treatment can make on the body, especially since it would only delay the inevitable. She is at peace with this decision and as a result, the final chapter of her life must now be written.

We have begun in-home hospice care and the transition to a full-time care facility will likely happen in the very near future. The goal is to keep her comfortable thru her remaining time with us.

During the past several weeks as Mom's condition has become public and word started to spread, we have all been touched by the love and support shown by our friends, especially our church community at PCM. God has definitely blessed our mother with so many wonderful people in her life.

During the next few days, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mom while she is still with us. We know that sometimes it can be uncomfortable in these types of situations. But, if you know Dorothy, she loves talking to people and wants to hear all the latest news.

Please keep Dorothy in your prayers.

Name: Bill Norton
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