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We encourage you to visit throughout our website to learn more about who we are, what we believe and all the exciting things that we have in store for visitors and members of our community. 

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Learn about what PCM believes

You're probably most curious about what PCM as a church believes and to see how those beliefs line up with your own.  CLICK HERE to start to learn more about what PCM believes in and let's see how we do.

Meet our Staff

CLICK HERE to Meet our Staff, or you can send them a private Pastoral Request.

Learn about our worship services

CLICK HERE to find out the times of our worship services and the many services we can provide for you including free day care, hearing aid devices and an ASL intepreter for our deaf visitors and members.

Listen to our sermons

CLICK HERE to read or listen to recordings of some of our latest sermons by our staff members and guest speakers.  You can even post your comments about the sermons!

Learn about what you might expect when you visit PCM

Visiting a new church might be making you nervous.  CLICK HERE to learn a little more about what our church is like and what you might expect during your first visit.

Learn about our Fellowship groups

CLICK HERE to learn about our many activities and social groups who meet throughout the year outside of the regular Sunday worship services.

Learn about our Education programs

CLICK HERE to learn about our Sunday School and bible study programs as well as a number of other Christian educational opportunities PCM provides throughout the year.

Learn about our Music groups

PCM loves our music!  CLICK HERE to learn about the wide variety of music groups and their rehearsal times.

Learn about our Mission projects

PCM is first and foremost a service-oriented congregation.  We seek out Christ in ourselves and our community through our service.  CLICK HERE to learn about the wide array of programs and mission opportunities you can enjoy with the PCM community.

Read about some of our latest activities and news updates

CLICK HERE to read the most recent articles from our newsletter and see what sort of things PCM is up to this coming month.

Check the calendar for upcoming events

CLICK HERE to visit our main calendar and check out all the upcoming events that you can join in.

Learn about the PCM Window and its significance in our community

CLICK HERE to read about the symbolism and meaning behind the massive stained glass window in our sanctuary.

Learn about the History of PCM

CLICK HERE to read about the nearly 50 years of history of PCM to learn where we came from, how we got here and where we're going.

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