Seeking Christ ... online.

Faith is a tough road to travel alone.  At PCM there are dozens upon dozens of ways that we help each other along our journeys.  And not just the members of our community, but anyone that travels the path in this life.  Here on this website there is an opportunity for you to experience the love of God through our online community.  Here you can actively participate in our community of faith and feel the warmth and love of Jesus Christ through your online ministry.  How, you ask?  Start by participating in any of these activities:




Fill out a Prayer Request

We all need help sometimes.  PCM is a loving community of faith even when we are apart.  We will always pray for you and with you.  Please share your concerns, your needs for loving support and God will shower the love and fellowship of the community down upon you.

Post a comment on a Prayer Request

The love of God is spread through our actions and our words.  By adding your voice to the comment section of any prayer request, extending your prayers to those in need, is a loving act of fellowship and community that is the basis of the love of God.  We hope you will share your personal prayers to those who have shared their needs with the online community.

Read and comment on our latest events

PCM is ever-active, moving out into our community through fellowship and mission work.  This makes for a lot of newsletter articles to keep up with all the things we do.  Take a look our our Newsletter and add your thoughts, reflections, opinions, memories to share with the community.

Listen to, read and comment on a Sermon

PCM is proud of the messages that we bring each week, and we look to explore them beyond the Sunday services.  We hope you'll take some time to listen, read and add your comments and thoughts on our sermons and extend your exploration out to the online community.

Visit, Like and Post on our Facebook Page

PCM is happy to actively participate in our extended, online community of faith by sharing updates, prayers and interacting with folks via our Facebook Page. We hope you will visit, like us, and share your thoughts and experiences through that site as well as this one.

Share our messages through social media

The online community isn't limited to this website.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the cornerstone of a larger online community of faith.  We invite and encourage you to upload and share anything you find enjoyable or illuminating on our website to the world.

Discover Upcoming Events

Keep a close eye on our calendar to see all of the fellowship, music and mission events that are coming up in the weeks ahead.  We hope to see you at any of these events!

Contact Us

You undoubtedly have questions to have come this far. About PCM, about our community, our beliefs, our activities. There are probably many questions left unanswered. Perhaps you are seeking deeper guidance in your own life and search for Christ. We are an open community of faith and welcome any chance to explore your questions with you. We hope you will take a moment to reach out to our staff or our community and begin your own journey with PCM.

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