PCM History: The 2000's

Under the leadership of John Hansen, PCM re-dedicated itself to those ministries that meant so much to us throughout the years: mission work, Christian Education and maintaining an active community of friends and family to enhance our daily worship.

Dedication to mission projects led to annual visits to Puentes de Cristo in Mexico, annual contributions to the Heifer Project, youth mission trips to South Dakota and many other projects. After the devestation of Hurricane Katrina, PCM sent six mission groups to New Orleans and Biloxi to help in any way we could. We helped muck out flooded homes, painted and rebuilt homes and assisted with the relief efforts in the area.  In 2005 we began assisting with the Crossroads Connection Prison Ministry by volunteering our bus to transport work release inmates to Sunday evening services, as well as hosting church services and providing Thanksgiving dinners to the inmates and their families.

We continued to show a dedication to our music and youth programs as well. We began a Wednesday night fellowship program called LOGOS that incorporated worship, fellowship and music which built a solid foundation for our youth ministry. A few years later the program was changed to B.L.A.S.T. which incorporated the adult members of the congregation into the active and communal environment. In 2008 the program evolved into the Seekers which includes fellowship, bible study and worship for members of all ages.  In 2009 we started our puppet ministry program with the A.C.E. Puppet Troupe.

Associate Pastor Sara Tonje joined PCM in 2002 and brought a new energy and enthusiasm to the church. John and Sara built an environment enriched in vibrant energy, a relaxed worship environment, strong fellowship and a firm commitment to exploration of our individual faiths. Our worship services are filled with music, laughs, lively and modern songs as well as the occasional computer-generated movie or slide show on our large projector screens.

We expanded our Sunday School courses to include long-term small group discussions on various topics, starting with "A Purpose-Driven Life" in 2005 and the "Financial Peach Ministry" for youth and adults. The small group approach to Christian Education only strengthened the bonds amongst members, created new friends, and enhanced the community and family of PCM. Such small-group discussions continue to this day, sometimes meeting outside the church.  In 2008 we started a Prayer Shawl Ministry that serves to provide for those in need of a warm and reassuring reminder of God's love.

In 2006, the Session hired a consultant to evaluate the current environment at PCM and make recommendations to the Session and the congregation on how to enhance PCM's facilities, staff, resources and take us into the next 40 years of our life. As a result of that evaluation we made significant changes to our facilities. Starting in the summer of 2009 we began modernizing and renovating our Sanctuary, adding a new video and sound system and creating a new raised area for a wide variety of presentation possibilities. There's plenty of room now for a full band, orchestra, choir, and a youth Christmas program! The new facilities were dedicated in the fall of 2009 as PCM looked ahead to the next decade.

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