Seeking Christ ... through our beliefs.

Above all else we follow our personal mission statement: "Seeking Christ, everywhere, every day, in everyone."  The love of God is all around us every day in the people we meet, the places we go, the things that we do. There are lessons to be learned and shared in everything we do in our lives, and the love and blessings of God shine through our acts.  At PCM we exalt and enjoy the precious gift of life from God, spreading the message of love and community and giving everywhere we go.  

Presbyterian Church of the Master is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA.  As a member of that larger community, there are a number of beliefs that we share and make the core of life in the PCM community. These beliefs shape our faith and life together serving God.



Nothing is bigger than God or God's grace.

We believe in the sovereignty of God. We trust that the church is called by God and guided by the Holy Spirit to continue in the way of Jesus Christ in all we do in our lives and together.

When in doubt, check the Bible.

Aa a Reformed Protestant congregation we believe the Bible is the authoritative source for what we believe about God and ourselves.

We cannot live the faith by ourselves.

PCM is a covenant community.  We live together and encourage each other in all apsects of our lives together.  We extend that familial love out into the community and the world through our words and our deeds.

We discern God's will together.

We don't give all authority in our church to our pastor or a single authority.  Instead, we work together to find God's path together.  The decisions of our church are prayerfully determined by our Session, the Deacons and our congregation.

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