What will it be like when I visit PCM?

Sunday worship services at PCM are very relaxed, comfortable environments where we explore our faith as a community.  That's a pretty loaded sentence!  Here's the real skinny of what you'll experience with worship services at PCM as well as all our fellowship and mission activities:





Lots of Music

We love our music at PCM.  We have multiple choirs with members of all ages that bring a wondrous spirit to each service.  You'll get to sing plenty of hymns, don't worry about that.  Also, don't worry if you're not a great singer.  We welcome everyone to participate as much as they like.

We love our organ music too!

Lots of Laughter

Even during the sermons!

Relaxed dress code

Don't worry about a dress code.  Come as you are.  We have folks in jeans and football jerseys in the fall and shorts in the summer.

Big TV Screens!

We have three large display screens throughout our sanctuary to show everything from hymn lyrics to videos to enhance our services with all the modern multimedia that is out there.

We'll help you think about your faith.

Our services are designed to explore the message as a community and as individuals.  Our music, scripture and message choices are all designed to demonstrate and give you the tools to think about aspects of your faith, at church and even after you leave.

We have a Children's Conversation Time

We have a Children's Message where the day's message is explored for the kids in the congregation, and the more adult-kids who need a little introduction.

Don't be alarmed to see a Puppet from time to time.

We have a very active Puppet Ministry at PCM, and then tend to find their way into the services.

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