Letter from Pastor Bob - April 2014

Dear people of God:

This month Lent reaches its finale with the celebration of the Resurrection. We don’t need to pretend we don’t know how the story ends; we know that it ends with resurrection. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that resurrection means a new start.

How does the joke go? Jesus was a woman: twelve men didn’t understand him; he had to feed a crowd with too little food; and even when he was dead he had to get up and get back to work. Easter should not, though, just be “get back to work,” get back to the ordinary. “Thank goodness that (Lent) is over with!”

If you adopted a spiritual discipline for Lent, how has it been working out for you? Will you keep it up? Can Easter become a time of confirming what you have learned or experienced during Lent? Many of us at Presbyterian Church of the Master have been practicing the Daniel Plan during Lent. I hope that we will see many positive life-changes because of it. Good life-changes become permanent life-changes.

The Resurrection of Jesus confirms all that he said and did, and makes real the way of life he came to establish. The season of Easter is a time to confirm all that we start to do during Lent. How will you continue and fulfill the positive changes you are making during Lent? How can your church help you?

Lent is 40 days; Easter is 50 days (this year Easter will conclude on June 8).  That’s a good span of time to establish the positive habits and other changes you make during Lent.

Pastor Bob

Deacons Congregational Care - April 2014
Holy Week Services - 2014

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