Pastor Bob's Building Blog

Pastor Bob's Building Blog

February 16, 2018

Almost to the finish line… February 18 we have our "Taste of PCM" look at the building for members and friends. When we scheduled this date, we thought it would be finished by now… original planned completion date was January 1. But you know that nothing happens as quickly as we expect. After all, in Revelation Jesus said, "Surely I am coming soon" and that was about 1900 years ago.

My first "Building Blog" was in August of 2014: three and one-half years ago. So this has been a long road. Since then we have conducted a capital campaign, engaged an architectural firm and a general contractor, secured a loan, and done nearly all the work.

The design work and hiring the contractor was overseen by a Building Task Force of Kevin Breyfogle, Doug Avery, Ann Delashmutt, Tyler Foster, Betty Johnson, Matt Koslosky, Jerry Magner, Dee Moriarty, and Kathy Sutula. The Capital Campaign had a huge staff, including:

Honorary Chairs Adam and Kathy Koslosky

General Chairs John and Debra Burg, David and Gay Emry, Guy and Beverly Shelton

Campaign Cabinet Kevin Breyfogle, Andy and Lisa Cook, Brad and Cindy Denton, Chuck and Ruth McGavern

Special Events Chairs Jean Koerten, Kathy Koslosky, and Winnie Pinch

Solicitation Volunteers (in addition to all those named above) Suzie Payne, Margo and Mike Forsythe, Sandie Hanna, Bill Breyfogle, Jon and Kathy Sutula, Kathy and Jim Kurtz, Mary Molacek, Tyler Foster, Lew Doane, Amanda Wise, Betty Gail Danielson, Betty Johnson, Bill and Brenda Norton, Bob and Roberta Benson, Doug and Becky Swartz-Brown, Jane Blodget, Steffen Foster, and Barb Dasenbrock.

And then the building project itself was overseen by a Project Management Team of Doug Avery, Tyler Foster, Betty Johnson, Jerry Magner, Winnie Pinch/Kay Smith, Kathy Sutula, and Andy Zidon. They were aided by a kitchen task force of Kay Smith, Kathy Koslosky, Marilyn Puett, Winnie Pinch, and Becky Swartz-Brown.

The entire facility has been renovated; a beautiful new Commons has been built; nearly all the furnaces and air conditioners have been replaced. We have installed a fire alarm system, new handicap parking and powered doors, and a commercial quality kitchen is nearly completed. There are a number of left-overs: you see blue tape all around marking things needing to be done or redone; the Under the Birds room needs restored; the storage room in the former garage and the new garage need to be organized. Above all, the aesthetic work needs to be done: artwork, bulletin boards, stained glass, and the like.

For now, we are not buying new furniture for the Commons. We're going to wait a year and see how people actually use the space before we furnish it. We have a number of small follow-up projects we would like to do – such as new doors for the Sanctuary – but all things in time. And you may have noticed the beautiful stenciled lettering by Erica Koslosky, labeling the rooms.

Another remainder: paying for it. If you have not pledged to the Second Fifty Campaign, now is the time; contact a member of the Follow-up Committee: Kevin Breyfogle, Adam and Kathy Koslosky, Guy and Beverly Shelton, and me. If you can make a special gift, that will be welcome. And to those who have pledged: keep on paying those pledges! The money is fast going out, so we need to keep it coming in. You know, of course, that as soon as the time is running out for the Second Fifty Campaign (summer 2019) we will have another campaign. We will have a huge mortgage to pay.

And it's worth it, isn't it? Do you remember the shabby carpet? The peeling wallpaper? The brooding ceilings? Don't you love the light, open spaces? Thank you to everyone who has made it possible.

Pastor Bob

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