Pastor Bob's Building Blog - April 14, 2017

Pastor Bob's Building Blog

April 14, 2017

So you wonder why I am writing about the building on Good Friday? I could give you a theological justification, but the real reason: we're at a transition point in the construction work, and I want to let you know about it; even though my heart is heavy thinking about Jesus' crucifixion, the daily life of the world goes on.

So, as I write this, the wonderful crew from Lund Ross is cleaning new windows and vacuuming new carpet and finishing up the new plumbing to get everything in the "Phase I" part of the project ready for this Sunday. These folks have been a joy to work with and I look forward to the next several months as the project moves to its next phase. When you come (or came, depending on when you read this) to church on Easter you find or found sparkling new restrooms, a gorgeous new nursery with a huge playground, and new carpet. You don't see the new furnaces and air conditioners, but they are there, too.

Phase II is about to begin; it will be massively disruptive and will completely alter the appearance of the building. Probably the first thing to happen will be external demolition: tearing down the courtyard canopy and digging up the courtyard, and removing the old bell tower. About a week later internal demolition will begin; this phase will build the new Commons (or narthex; we'll have to decide what to call it. Lobby?) on the front of the building and the new bell tower, and will remodel the Fish Bowl and surrounding classrooms, the Fellowship Hall, and the Fellowship Hall restrooms. During this phase the kitchen will still be available, but not the Fellowship Hall.

Keep this in mind with respect to access:

During Phase II, there will be two ways to enter the building to get to the Sanctuary. One will be to park in front and enter through the small door under the porch. Walk along the outside of the Sanctuary and use that single door. The other will be to park in the back and enter through the new back door. The long hall will probably be accessible sometimes but not others, so don't plan on parking in the south lot and walking through the building.

Yes, friends, if things go as I anticipate, it will be impossible to walk from the south end to the north end inside. The front hall may still be open, at least part of the time, but when the existing exterior wall is demolished and the utility work is done for the Commons/Narthex/Lobby I'm sure it will be closed.

So, if you come to the office during the week, you will probably need to use the single door from the front porch and go through the Chapel (former "Forum Room") into the office back hall, unless you see the front hall accessible. Everything will be up in the air for a while!

The classrooms, Fellowship Hall and Fellowship Hall restrooms should be completed about July 1 and the addition about September 1. Phase III – the south end – should begin about June 25.

Stay tuned!

Pastor Bob

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