Pastor Bob's Building Blog: April 27, 2016

Pastor Bob's Building Blog

April 27, 2016

Thank you to the wonderful Special Events chairs (Jean Koerten, Kathy Koslosky, and Winnie Pinch) for the elegant event we enjoyed last Sunday. And thank you to all those who participated in leadership and all who attended.

We invited you to pose questions, and you did! All are very good ones, and here they are, with my answers.

With ever-changing costs, how do we know the $1.6 million is accurate?

The Project Management Team is charged with overseeing the project, including containing costs, as necessary. The team of Doug Avery, Tyler Foster, Betty Johnson, Robert Keefer, Jerry Magner, Winnie Pinch, Kathy Sutula, and Andy Zidon will oversee the design and bidding processes and will recommend "sweat equity" projects whenever feasible.

Will the bell tower be relocated?

A new bell tower will be built closer to the drive and to the new front entrance. It will be taller and will call attention to the entrance.

Where will the handicap parking be located?

Tentative plans are for handicap parking at the same level as the front door, and closer to the door than it currently is.

Are there hands-on projects that members of the congregation can do?

The Team expects that some of the interior refinishing we can do.

When will construction start?

Plans are for construction to begin this fall. We will hold a ground-breaking ceremony when the time is right!

When will construction be complete? How long will the construction take?

Alley Poyner Macchietto projects six months for construction work. That would mean completion in the spring of 2017.

What is the loan amount PCM will apply for?

The Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program has projected that we can sustain a loan of $1.875 million. Whether we will apply for that much is uncertain. We will apply for more than we expect to need. Although you didn't ask, I will add that our Treasurer, Eric Bremers, and the Chair of the Presbytery's Stewardship of Resources Committee (Dave Emry) may decide to apply to other sources as well as PILP. We will take the best deal we can get!

Will the current building fund be used towards the new campaign?

That is up to the Session. Some building fund money has been used to help pay consulting and design fees, but whether any more of the fund will go into this project is not yet decided. Remember that the building fund is an ongoing fund created for continuing maintenance and repair of the facility. Personally, I hope that we can cover this project from the Capital Campaign, so that the building fund can be retained for future needs.

Has the church explored solar energy?

What a great idea! Those who have worked on this project so far have discussed solar and wind energy, as well as ground-source heating and cooling ("geothermal"). For cost reasons, we have not elected to pursue them at this time.

For other answers to questions, see the FAQs that the Steier Group has prepared for us. And thank you for your engagement in this process!

Pastor Bob

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