Pastor Bob's Building Blog - June 14, 2017

Pastor Bob's Building Blog

June 14, 2017

I figure it's time to give you an update on our progress – and our delays – since it has been a while since my last "building blog." The weather has created difficulties and delays in some of the project, but you can already see quite a bit of progress in Phase 2.

Have you seen the new windows in Fellowship Hall? They will admit much more light than in the past. It will be lovely to observe the sunrise from in there. New lighting, the walls and floor are yet to be finished, but the room should be done by the middle of July. As I write, the drywall is being finished in the new restrooms and the Fish Bowl area. Counters and other finishes yet need to be done; this should also be finished by the middle of July.

Two things have been delayed because of the weather: construction of the addition and connection of the new water line. You may remember we closed the building for three days to switch to a new water line; heavy storms that filled the trench with water and turned the land to mud made that impossible. Fortunately, the new line has largely been laid and so the actual switchover will not require closing the building for so long, if at all. The storms also delayed pouring the slab for the addition. You can see the footprint of it, but unless you've studied as many drawings as I have it may be hard to picture it. I hope that soon you will see more progress on our new Commons, but the soonest you will see it completed is sometime in October.

Many of you have asked about connection to the city sewer. The engineering work for that part of the project is not yet completed, so I cannot predict when that is likely to happen. I think some folks confused "new water line" with "new sewer line." One comes in; the other goes out! Okay, you knew that, but you may not have known we were going to install a new line coming in. The current line is smaller than is usual for a commercial building our size; the new line will be four inches in diameter.

Phase 3, the south end of the building, is to begin right after Independence Day. This will involve new windows in the classrooms, remodeled restrooms, and converting the South Dining Room into a pantry (the existing Pantry is going to become part of the new kitchen). This work should be done before Labor Day – ready for Sunday School!

The Phase Plan is still posted on the window of the church library, and I'm always happy to reply to questions about specifics. You can also ask other members of the Project Management Team: Doug Avery, Tyler Foster, Betty Johnson, Jerry Magner, Kay Smith, Kathy Sutula, and Andy Zidon. And enjoy your summer!

Pastor Bob

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