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Pastor Bob's Building Blog

May 13, 2016

"Wow, just wow," Pastor Sara texted me when she saw the news that pledges to the Second Fifty Campaign had topped $1,000,000. The progress of the Campaign is certainly a marvel: it shows your dedication to Jesus Christ and his Church – your Church – and your confidence in the Church's future.

It also shows your confidence in your church leadership to use the money wisely. This blog is devoted to giving you an update on design progress.

Some of the largest projects won't involve anything interesting to look at. Well, I suppose I could show you a picture of a furnace, but I can't imagine you getting excited over that! The Project Management Team is working to secure a general contractor to oversee the project; Alley Poyner Macchietto has relationships with some who have expressed interest in our project. The G. C. will help us with the scheduling of the whole thing, including when furnaces and air conditioners are replaced, and when the connection with the sewer is done, and so forth. As for the exterior: the wood arches along the courtyard will be removed (but the covered walkway and the side entrance will remain) and the rotted canopy over the walk will be removed. We will finish the siding to match what has already been done, and all the windows will be replaced.

Remember that these designs and my descriptions are preliminary; final designs and engineering drawings should be completed soon. Now, to the front of the building. This perspective drawing will give you an idea of the new Commons. The front wall is 18' high and the existing hallway (to your left in the first drawing) is set off by columns. The effect is a walkway around the Commons, with light, open space where you enter the building. The front door thrusts out several feet to provide an entryway; there will be two sets of glass doors outside and inside, one of which will have power-assist for the disabled. Also, part of the parking lot near the entrance will be elevated to the same height in order to provide more accessible handicap parking. The courtyard will be a bit smaller, but will still include all the existing trees and most of the other plants. The outside wall should be white, to make a pleasing contrast with the rest of the building.

The new bell tower will be in front of the building, near the drive, marking the entrance. Notice the three-cross motif: the tall cross and two on either side, making a triangle. Catch the symbolism: Jesus' Cross, and the crosses of the two thieves; the Trinity. Also the two crosses reach out to the Cross of Jesus, both providing structural support and suggesting the importance of staying connected with His Cross. The bell hangs about 16 feet above the ground. That small figure represents a human being. The posts are actually straight, but a perspective drawing makes them appear bowed.

One more thing to tell you about now is the interior finishes. The floorplan shown here is also posted on the Library window for you to see. Different uses will suggest different finishes: one for walkways, another for offices, another for educational spaces, and so forth. In Fellowship Hall we are considering a slip-resistant hard surface, rather than carpet. The colors in the floorplan do not represent the colors we will actually use; they are there simply to key for you the different uses.

Restrooms are remodeled and are large enough to be accessible, which will involve some loss of space in a few places. The kitchen is approximately doubled in size by using some of the garage, and will have space dedicated to cooking, another to finishing and serving, and another to cleanup. The folks who work most in the kitchen have been actively involved in the planning process.

That's all for today; when I have more to tell you about, I'll write again!

Pastor Bob

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