Pastor Bob's Building Blog - October 12

Pastor Bob's Building Blog

October 12, 2016

Wow, I haven't written one of these in a while. And I still don't have as much to write about as I was hoping… still, it's time for an update.

We gathered in the Courtyard after worship on October 2 to break ground for the project. Max Petersen handled the shovel used in every groundbreaking in this church – and which will soon be returned to its place of honor. Joining him are Yours Truly, Mike Thompson (Alley Poyner Macchietto, our design firm), and Tony Manna (Lund Ross, our general contractor). (I have a picture of this I have been trying to attach to this blog, but the operation keeps failing.) Pastor Sara led us in singing, "Someone's Building, Lord" and Clerk of Session Andy Cook got us thinking about our future.

The Project Management Team now has some choices to make. Sometimes when you buy a car you list all the options you want; then, when you see how much it will cost, you decide which ones you can live without. We're trimming some of our options in order to live within our means. For example, we'll put tile on the bathroom walls where the plumbing fixtures are, but paint the other walls. That will save some thousands of dollars. You will still be thrilled with the result, but perhaps only 90% thrilled, instead of 95%. We met this week to start making those choices, now that Lund Ross has received bids from subcontractors. One surprise is the cost of electrical work; then again, that's in high demand these days.

Eric Bremers, Andy Cook, and I have prepared the paperwork for the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program and mailed it to them. There will be more to do before the closing on the loan, but we're nearly there. Did we tell you? The PILP has approved the entire amount we requested, at a very favorable interest rate. That rate will be reduced a further 2% for anything which improves energy efficiency (a large percentage of the project!). And they are granting us $20,000 for the child care center: not a loan, but a grant! Have I told you recently how great it is to be a Presbyterian?

So, once the loan closes – soon, we hope – and the budget is finalized – soon, we hope – and the bids are accepted – soon, we hope – then we will see work begin. It isn't when we had hoped, but it's coming! It's coming.

Remember: you may address questions to any member of the Project Management Team. We are Doug Avery, Tyler Foster, Betty Johnson, Jerry Magner, Kay Smith, Kathy Sutula, and Andy Zidon. And me!

Pastor Bob

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