Pastor Bob's Building Blog: October 26, 2017

Pastor Bob's Building Blog

October 26, 2017

I have not done this for a while and this should be nearly the last one. You can see the progress for yourselves whenever you come to the Church House, but for those who are distant and for those who don't see around every corner I thought I would catch you up.

As I write this, the painters are putting the "handicapped parking" symbols on the new spaces out front. When our new front door is open for use, there will be accessible parking spaces just across the drive. The former ones in front of the Sanctuary will still be available, as well. All the parking lots have new blacktop on them and are sporting new lines, making the spaces clear. Mel Stanislaus would be pleased.

Sidewalks along the upper lot and to the front door are soon to be poured, as is the patio outside the new Commons. The siding gang would have started on the new siding this week if it had not been so windy; I suspect that will not begin until next week. Other outdoor work remains: landscaping the courtyard and around the building, and hanging the bell.

Painting will soon begin in the new Commons. Oh, we haven't really settled on what to call our great new space. The architect calls it a narthex; some have called it a foyer. I've been calling it the new Commons. We'll have to see what name emerges. Anyway, the temporary wall will come down some time in the coming week and the Commons will be painted. Soon thereafter the ceiling fixtures should be installed and the carpet laid. Maybe we'll be able to use it by Advent!

Demolition of the kitchen is nearly complete. The plumber has started roughing in the plumbing and the framing of walls should go up soon. They still have to cut through the fire wall between the old kitchen and the garage. I'd say it still looks good to have the new kitchen by New Year's, which means we'll have to start figuring great new ways to use our Fellowship Hall.

Think mission. Think neighborhood. Think education. Think outreach. Oh, yeah, think fellowship too. Dream big; we'll have the space for big dreams!

Other things… the rest rooms by Fellowship Hall had errors needing correction and they are nearly done. The new water main is soon ready to be hooked up. The sewer line is finished! Most of the new furnaces are working properly (the Fish Bowl is still a problem). All the new windows are installed and they are a big improvement: more light, clearer visibility, better insulation, and we can actually open them in nice weather!

Shortly after the end of the month I'll have an update on our progress on the Capital Campaign. Remember that if you have not participated in the funding of this work, you can easily get involved. Get in touch with me and I'll walk you through it.

And the same with your questions. Be in touch; I always love to hear from you.

Pastor Bob 

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